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We wanted to do more with our Landy's and yet all the clubs were quite a distance away, or not alwaysd as active as we wanted. Now we have a local club, for people like us.

to our Money Pit Land Rover club

A local club
for Local Members

So many clubs around, yet how many are you able to get to, or want to travel to when you finish work? The club was created to create events for people of all skill levels and to help everyone share thier skills with one another. We meet on weekends and every second Tuesday of the month. Part of another group a little further afield, no problem. The club is here for you.


Meet the community

Come be a part of the Community, join in on weekends away, day trips or a bloody good laugh. We're all people like you from your community.


You Broke it Bob

Admit it, you tried to fix it yourself and you stuffed it. No worries, come in for the help and stay for the Beer. No one judges (they'll laugh, but no judging,) everyone will offer to help as we have all been there and it's a good way to learn.


Selling or Buying?

Not open yet, however an online shop for you to buy and sell your spares will be opening soon.

Club News
& events

Interclub Blackpool
Illuminations Drive

We have been invited by Northern Monkey 4x4 to an inter-club Blackpool Illuminations Drive and Meet up - We are going to meet at St Anne's pier and do it South to North. Any 4x4 is welcome. We love the variety. If you want to dress your vehicles up with lights then that's fine.

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