Welcome to the Lancashire Land Rover Club

Green Laning with Lord Teflon

Green Laning

 Green Laning Days are organised in advance and are done in very small groups  of vehicles adhering to the Glass code at all times at various destinations. Give it a try you will love it.

Off Roading

We organise full day Off Roading events, where we will meet up and convoy to  the chosen venue and then spend the day getting dirty and stuck, packed lunch  advisable.

Tarmac Runs

Tarmac Runs are usually organised for a weekend, where we will meet up at a chosen location and convoy to a lovely little pub out in the countryside. Sit for a few hours chat and indulge in a bit of food and good laughter.

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NB: All items are available at our Monthly Meetings.

Keep a check on our events page for upcoming days out. We are a Proud Supporter of the Green Lane Association UK